New 15 Meter 49.2Ft Fliegl TimberKipper v1




I Was Wanting A Trailer More Realistic Lenth Trailer like Pulled here In The US And 12m 39ft Was Just A Little Short Of The 45 48 & 53ft Standard In US And Also Wanted to be able to haul Longer logs.Longer logs means less to pick up So I Desided To Mod The 12meter Timber Kipper To work It is Now 15meters 49.2Ft Long And Can easley take 20+ meter logs. This Trailer Also Still Has Its Full Tipper Fuctions So Off Loading Is Easy I Have Repositioned All Stakes So There Plenty of room to off load with loader if needed. In my pictures you will see one picture of a log just to rear of trailer thats a 15 meter cut log the rest of logs are cut to 20 meters Well Here It Is Thats The Way We Haul Logs Here Hanging Off Back of trailer With A Flashing light Or Just A Orange Safety flag hanging to longest log.

Unknown To Main Trailer build but great mod To Start with
Thunderhawk09 Trailer length mod from 12m to 15m – 8.6 MB

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  1. Robert says:

    what model of front loder do you use ?

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