Noerdliche Gegenden V2 Ultima Map Fix v1.0


Noerdliche areas V2 Ultima Map Fix 1.0 is an extension of the normal northern regions Map.
Personally, I find the map very realistic, because you can not go from all sides on the fields, is real indeed not so.

There has been added:
– Mix Feeder GEA (automatic feeding machine in the barn)
– Chopped Straw (plant residues remain in crops chairs)
– Schweinemast, Cattle fattening, geese and chickens fattening
– Soil Mod (weed and nutrient Mod)

Those who do not want to soil mod folder omit, who has the slurry manure lime mod or the multi sprayer herbicide mod it, the files from the mod folder must assume otherwise errors will occur.

BauerHeini, De verspeelten jungs – 395.7 MB

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