Nordicmap v1.1

Hello,this map has 102 fields smallest being 0.3ha and biggest 18.5ha.

Version 1.1
– reduced viewdistance for crops for better fps
– erased crowing crop spots
– tuned field dimensions
– added some trees

All the activity is on one farm.
I lowered the price of silage and lifted the corn
Map has watermod,multifruit(oat,rye and sunflower),pig and beef,soilmod,more terrain angle,traffic and

needed mods:
-some kind of animal transport trailer
-Multifruit and MultiFruitModule_Standard
-64erfix(just in case)
-havent tryed multiplayer
-This is my first anything created on pc so errors may occur even i tested.

I hope you like it

Model: vilhau
Texture: various
Script: many
Idea / Concept: vilhau
Testing: vilhau
Other: all the credits that i find comes in text file with the map

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Download links:

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