Nowy Debiec v1.0

Welcome to my map.
Map is maintained in the Polish style.

On the map is:
– Several fields (all are available for purchase, but the price is relatively low).
– Several collection points
– Cows, sheep, pigs and calves
– Doors and gates opening O (not zero)
– One door opens automatically at the driveway.
– Mod lime
– Mod manure and liquid manure
– Mod water
– Mod chopped
– water tanks
– The machine to start
– Our silo is divided into two parts. Wheat and barley we pour in the barn, canola and corn next to the chute.
– On the farm is silon silage
– forests
– The sale of straw neighbor

All the fashion you need to play are in the package.
If you have questions, please write.
Best regards and wish you a nice game.

Speedy – 362.0 MB

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