– Rectification of the error of the V1 version
– New garden center including outlets.
– Liquid manure lime Kompostmod installed
– Animated chickens now in broiler diets (thanks to Farmer_Andy for its use)
– Zugschrankenscript away (Without Script Doku no solution possible)
– Covers all fields again – now it should be no problems when scanning through Course Play
– No Faulty PDA view more
– Fixed Splineproblem Traffic moves in the right direction
– PDA field fixed 3 View error
– Compostverkauf away – Compost is now only to fertilize the fields
– Adapted garden center selling Trigger corn sales
– If you in your modfolder the GMK Mod inside you it has to be taken out, otherwise the compost does not incorporate

Nubsi, Marhu, sKyDaNcEr, LS-Landtechnik, Alex2009, Blacky_BPG, Farmi©,Steffen30muc, grafik-edv, Sven777b, mailman, ELMO, upsidedown, TMT, Badenbauer, power74de, Repi, Farmer_Andy, DeerePower, Timber131, Cyber11, GeneralX

AmmergauerAlpenLS2015V2_2.zip – 579.6 MB

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2 Responses

  1. dennyW says:

    cannot load silage or mischfutter from silo? how to fix?

  2. Константин says:

    Невозможно выгрузить силос и смесь из бункеров. Трактор сползает по рампе на BGA. Как исправить?

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