OGF USA v1.2 (Updated)

– Multifruit
– Manure / Mistmod
Built animations:
– Restricted: HELI lands and starts at 17-20: 00
– Restricted: high security gates
– USS Nimitz: Launching fighter jet + blasting Heli flying over the Budweiserbrauerei
– Lime works: excavators + Elevator
– Continental: unloading
– Monster Truck Arena: Monster Truck + Billboards
– Cattlefarm: Anmierte cows
– Funpark: The Ferris wheel rotates
– Anderson Farm: Animated Horse
– LumperYard: 2 cranes + a tree trunk is drawn to the sawmill
– Baker Farm: Ball lift, Saatgut_Aufzug, Beladerohr, fan, and different goals
– Miller Farm: – Seed Vault, by lift (loading is possible only with a shovel.
– Fertilizer warehouse, a crane (load-is only possible with blade)
– Animated cows in small stable
– Anmierte cows in the large barn
– New fodder warehouse with movable pipes, + new Entladetation (blue chippers)
– New Mixstation
– When buyable cowshed roof windows can be opened. Trigger is next to the door
– Purchasable oil rigs. which can be switched on
New sound:
– Birds in the forest
– Crow
– cows
– Fighter jet
– Have a barbecue
– Dogs
– pigs
– Various industrial plants
– water

BERNIESCS mit etwas Hilfe vom FSM TEAM

OGF USA v1.2 (Updated) BITTE_ENTPACKEN__2_.zip – 673.4 MB
OGF USA v1.1 BITTE_ENTPACKEN__1_.zip – 679.4 MB

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