Old Family Farm 2015 V2

This map is very small for low computers, I add the better grain storage and make up the lack of org game stuff. make some fields size in to one. and rise all feild price up to like a price of the filed, not like the price just to buy a toy needed. Add a giant size of field of 6.25 ha. gas station at east of out of farm range. gas tank needed to be refueled than to fill the cars. needed mod of super baling pack to play this map.

V1 by
Map by rwy22sp
Giants for their base game.
Old time windmill, farmer textures, corn cob pipe, and water tank: KaosKnite
Distant Hills-Pack V1.0: mailman
old farm house: Model: Daniel Vijoi Textures: Daniel Vijoi In Game- gh2010
WoodenRoadsigns: Thunderace
Flags: Giants, texture edit by rwy22sp
Maison03: duarn
Town Buildings: griffy Texture edits by rwy22sp
Farm houses,static ducks, : sandgroper
10 different hedge: spider100 and johan12
Fuel pump: VolvoT22
Railroad (pack): ar1g3, IDW
outhouse: Ingolf
Manure pit: (part of Manuel’s manure pit)
water plane: Luke159 and Sandgroper
Farm buildings and objects: NI Modding
American dairy barn: Axel of Sweden
small power poles: GhillieSniper
milk colection point: firststep
old brick barn: Kolbenfresser
Old Dairy: ZeFir, Konwert, Barsi97

V2 by only Jack777

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