OP 2000 v 1.0


• OP 2000 v 1.0 Trailed sprayer for Farming Simulator 2015 has a hydraulic rod volumetric structure 18 m long, as well as stabilization of the pendulum mechanism. It also has a hydromechanical system damping. The rod and the frame are made ​​using sandblasting followed powder paint to improve the reliability and protection against corrosion of equipment surfaces.
• OP-2000 is provided with a parallelogram suspension forms, which is provided with two hydraulic cylinders; it provides a smooth change in mounting height of the bar from 0.5 to 1.8 m, even in the motion technique.
• In the event of a collision with an obstacle Rod is equipped with a protective mechanism that allows it to deviate up to 15 degrees. vertical and 45 degrees. horizontally. Once the obstacle is passed, the bar will be returned to its original position. As part of the trailed sprayer has a tank capacity of 2 plastic tys.l. For more information sprayer http://www.farmingmods2015.com To maintain a constant concentration of the working fluid employed two injection mixer with ceramic ferrules, which are placed at the bottom of the tank. OP-2000 is equipped with large-diameter wheels (R42), which provides work at high speed with a clearance of 650 mm. Track width can be adjusted infinitely variable device in the range of 1400 mm to 1800 mm.
• To ensure smooth and reliable operation of hydraulic communications device used in the sprayer Pump the Italian company “Annovi Reverberi”, elements of communication of the Italian company “Arag”, as well as dispensers of the German company “Lechler”, is a leading manufacturer of components for sprayers.

Specifications sprayer OP 2000 V 1.0
1. Width: 18m
2. Tank capacity: 2000l
3. Performance pump Annovi Reverberi, l / min 160
4. Bus 9.5R42
5. Yield gauge, mm 1400-1800
6. Ground clearance, mm 650
7. Weight 1600
8. Working height rod, mm 500-1800
9. Driveshaft Weasler AW 10
10. Computer ARAG optional
11. Foam marker / GPS-navigator Cruizer II optional
12. Equipment for washing cans with a capacity of 20 liters mixer optional
13. Wide-angle driveshaft Weasler AW21-80˚ optional

LSSA modding team, Trololo, GoldenShoes

LSSA_OP_2000_by_LSSA_Modding_Team.zip – 4.2 MB

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