So now it’s finally done the Fortschritt E282

Pack contents:
– Fortschritt E282
– Fortschritt E294 – swath of hay, grass and straw
– Fortschritt E295 – Maisschhneidwerk
– Fortschritt E296 – field fodder cutter for grass
– Fortschritt Klado SKA 24 – Corn Header
– Fortschritt RU 450 – Corn Header
– Combine Header Trailer for Fortschritt E296 with lock

LS13: Werkstattleiter LS15: FeDa-Team

Fortschritt_E282.zip – 16.2 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Farmer Nash says:

    hey see if you can do the fortschritt e281 mod pack with the cab on the side of the machine. I watched a lets play multiplayer series on YouTube from fs2013 and they pretty much relied on the e281 and it is a cool mod anyway.

  2. LSfarmer says:

    I have try this cool mod. It’s a great mod. But some is missing. Can u update the decription from the machine and parts? And how do I get off the grascutter from the trailer? I can’t unhook the trailer when then cutter is on the trailer. Both using same Key “Q”. So the cutter will fixed all the time. And I cant unhook the trailer from the E282. So pls add an other key for fixing the cutter on trailer. Rest of this pack is awesome. Keep going with cool work.

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