Izh Planeta 5K Pack V 3.0

The pack includes:
Motorcycle IZH Planeta 5K, 22 hp, working speedometer, lighting, animated suspension, switchable mirrors.
Side trailer VMZ 9.203, the game can transport fuel (60 liters) to fill technique.
Trailer PF 035, capacity 350 liters, transports standard culture, chaff, silage, manure, grass, forage, wood chips, sunflower, carrots, garlic, onion, radish, bran, husk, oilcake, hops, soybean, sand, gravel, water, milk, sunflower oil, fertilizer and seeds, can fill the fertilizer spreaders and seed drills.
All the equipment gets dirty.

Modell: YREC, Zombi88888, Gnom, Silak_68, werik
Textur: YREC, Zombi88888, Gnom, Silak_68, werik
Script: Sven777b, Marhu, Stefan Geiger, werik
Idee / Konzept: Silak_68, werik
Tester: Silak_68, werik


FS15_IG_Planeta5.zip – 16.2 MB

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