The Overbury Farm Map was built by Chris_7710 in LS13 and available for download. I have a release they receive to convert in the LS15 and offer to download here on Modhoster.
The map is based on standard scripts. It is a pure grain Map, as in England, the style of the map, by 2010 still existed no BGAs and there were very few livestock farmers in the area. Despite that, there are large areas that need to be managed with great machine! Make money which they can invest in larger and especially more powerful machines that will need them!
There are all the game needed LS15 Trigger installed. The grain can be sold to the retailer, ie where the vehicles purchased are at the other end of the small village. Alternatively, wheat, barley or canola can be stored with them in the yard. Grain corn must be sold immediately.
Since I only convert the map, I do not know if I can make structural changes. However, I can fix some bugs in a second version and offer again to download here on Modhoster. So please know my attention to errors.
Otherwise, I wish you much fun with the map. Of course, it is also suitable for Multiplayer!
The map has been tested with no mods for error are often other mods responsible.
“Read Me” file is.

Chris_7710, Fendt615

OverburyFarm_ENTPACKEN.rar – 102.6 MB

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