Pack Balestacker and baler attacher v2.0 Fix and WheelShader

Hello, here is a pack with 5 balers and 1 Bale Stacker Renam did attaches behind the presses to Directly pick up the bales

-Added Script WheelShader
-Fix bale on Claas 3200
-Adjust Back Light on Claas 3200
-Change the wheels on all baler
-Added hydraulic cable that plugs into the attached
-Added PTO that plugs into the attached
-Cleaning folder

Capacity Reman BaleStacker: 8 bales
Massey Ferguson 2290
Challenger LB44B
quadrant 3200
Fendt 1290 S XD
capacity 4000 liters
Models are LOG FREE
Map: Old listens Map v2 WIP!
Please respect my work and use the original download link!
A thank you

Blacksheep Modding Modding
Challenger LB44B: Skin Blacksheep Modding / BloKKmonsTa
LAVERDA LB 12.70: Blacksheep Modding , DeerePower , Openfan2463

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