FS15 Big Mods Pack V15 Case Pack V1

The Pack consist of 16 FS15 Case Mods:
* Case IH Puma 160 CVX Tractor
* Case IH Puma 165 CVX FL Tractor
* Case IH Puma 175 CVX Tractor
* Case IH Puma 200 CVX Tractor
* Case IH Optum 270 CVX Tractor
* Case IH Optum 300 CVX Tractor
* Case International 1455 XL Tractor
* Case International 5130
* Case IH CT5060 Harvester
* Case IH 2388 Harvester
* Case IH 2330 Flex Drill Seeder
* Case IH 2330 32M Airseeder
* Case IH LB334 Baler
* Case IH LB334 + Nadal R90 Baler
* Case IH RB465 Baler
* Case IH L32000 Mower

Authors: Timber131, Dracko, Manuel Leithner, Alex2009, mailman, ÈebuljÈek, John Deere 8370 R, Tim, Jukke, LudmillaPower, marcel_r, Marlin 3D, SiiD, Mlody98, TURBO, N3tro, 924power, JDFan, Remady, Lechu & Aranea, hiny16, Mr Fox, Jan-Bernd, Mod Schuppen, OfTheSun, ikas, BulletBill83, lookee86, Rafazr, alan13, sawalllars, Dimitri14, clrsjohn, JavierZzS, Kamilek767, usxi7sd
Pack created: vydka

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