Papenburg Map V 3.9

papenburger-map-8-3 papenburg-nord-bokel-2 papenburg-nord-bokel-3 papenburg-nord-bokel-4 papenburg-nord-bokel

version 3.9
Installed -Futterlager and cattle farm -Because set to expand all Flutlicher away -Bga Performance: Beet and wood chips bearing fitted to the bunker silo filled directly by trailer lowered

Various buildings and textures of
Jimkerk: tags and umtextuieren of buildings
Fatian: roads and paths,
Tessman85: Ground textures
feed stores: [BG] Totty, s4t4n and LS Andy
Ni Modding: Halls and Houses Pack
818vario: Hall
DeutzDx85: Börger slurry tanks
chopped SRaw: webalizer_ls
water Mod by Marhu
manure manure lime Mod by Marhu
Map lights by Blue Baby
cattle and pigs by Marhu
Digital anzeife by Nils23
Seedmaster2k15 by Farmer_Andy
And many more

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