parking lot BIG


2 different sized parking lots. made to fit around the morton buildings. also parking lots have been made that once you drive a vehicle in you can not tab back to it unless taken out of the parking lot.

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  1. Farmer89 says:

    hey downloaded and they showed up in my store however when I try to buy and place on map nothing shows up at all, doesnt take my money even, idk thanks for upload though

  2. Robert says:

    TOOOOOOO Big. Can’t even find a flat piece of land flat enough to place it without one side 3/4 buried in the dirt, or the other side 3 feet or more in the air. Need to make it much smaller as FS doesn’t give many options with placeable items

  3. Robert says:

    Another big issue I found, the animated doors need to be looked at and fixed, if you accidentally hit one while it is operating, the whole game freezes and locks up the computer. Not good, I have to remove this Mod

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