Penberlan Farm V2

Welcome to Penberlan Farm V2 for Farming Simulator 2015. This map is a small fictional cornish farm.Some people may have played my 1st version of this map, v2 has more fields and mods to keep you busy. There are two farms on this map Penberlan Farm where your cows,sheep and grain store is based. Crugwallins Beef Farm where your root store, chickens and beef/pigs are. This map has no storage for maize unless you use placable heaps.
There are 18 fields mainly small but you dont own them all just yet. Most have been planted so i would recommend turning withering off. Forestry can be found down the lane between the church and village. You can sell your grain in two places (Mole Valley, Market Place).
1)soil mod ready
2)pig/beef fattening
4)Hardpoint built in at the shop
7)milk can be sold manually

Map Maker: Dustydave89 Map Testers: Simon Hall Chris Traves Rob_7624 Map objects: chris_7710 WBF NI Modding Oxegendavid Giants Tommx55 Petorious Kernow Modding FS-UK Marhu Vertex Design Buttybach1991 Southwest Modding & Mapping BUlletbill If i forgot anyone please let me know – 337.6 MB

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