Today we release our first mod on our page The Peterbilt 379 Grain Truck. We built the box from scratch using the real dimensions of the box. Credits and instructions are in a readme in the zip file so unzip the mod into your mod folder it will still work if it is not zipped. I haven’t tested in multiplayer because my internet is to slow. The top speed is 62 km/h use the gearbox mod found here to have a top speed of 110 km/h (68mp/h). Please send me a message on m y Facebook page if you want to release any edits I would like to test them first. And most importantly have fun.

Box/Frame: Box model, textures, edits to various original pieces: bcbuhler/Bryan Buhler Help with getting the truck functional: killerff/Justin Bartsch Truck Credits: Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD Isotope/BigCountry/Looseterror/TwistedGA/ThompsonM06/AlbertL Authorized conversion to fs2015 AlbertL – 38.2 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Bcbuhler says: here is the original download link as I am the creator of the mod.

  2. Lucas says:

    This mod is sweet!! The colour tho, not my forte

  3. genik33 says:

    Peterbilt 379 Grain Truck v 1.0 FARMINGSIMULATOR2015 TEST-DRIVE

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