Changelog 1.5 Pferdenau: -Verkaufsmakierungen inserted -Schlachthof design improves -Brauerrei: During renovations a few stones fell into the grain gutter. It was now again shoveled -Hinweisschilder Soil-Mod at various points attached -Cereals train: The Lockführer has now overcome his fear of the dark, tight spaces and now travels through the tunnel and no longer remains at the level of the barrier are -Sägewerk: Flashing billboards adapted – built “low-tech” copy protection ? -Many small things ….

Thanks again to all modders who give mappers its wonderful buildings and objects. Without you, our maps were only half as beautiful and detailed. Scripts Used = manure, lime, Mistmod of TMT / Marhu Chopped Straw Webalizer pig and cattle fattening Marhu Wassermod of Marhu factory script of Marhu Soilmod of Decker Built-up Objete and building = various buildings and Dekoobjekte of Giants grass pavers, Flußerle, Layer cobblestones, various tools, log set of Buschi arch bridge of Fatian piglets tax of Andi Scania Large garaging halls, meat Errei, washhouse of IHC 27 current house, high stand, bus stop, park benches of Börndi Feldscheune, waterholes of mailman Leitplankenset of Funker lightning of Chefkoch_LS diverse textures of the Forgotten Plants Pack of Eribus some textures from the Pack “Realistic-textures 2.0” and Lowpolybäume of vanilla ice Zugschranken of KA88 sheep from Maxter fertilizer, fuel drums, seed of Wellano920 current House of TakerMaco Luzernetextur of bgo1973 / straightener Jack Mobile Home of MartinbigM Radio Tower, workshop equipment from Jauch Paule lime / fertilizer warehouse, BGA silos of Steffen30muc Mauersteinpallete of kirezagar machine hall, granary of Vertex Design Ball Hall, the bus stop of Fendtfan1 Kuhsilo MF Modding milk house of Manuel Aldi with modified textures of Nico Angeles from Kai2 ambience Soundpack V1 from Wellano920 diverse Foliagelayer, school, Ponnyhof, Forsthaus, milk collection, gravel pit, sports court, construction village, power lines, feed storage, manure heap, various traffic signs, fruit plates, sugar mill, cowshed, Hofneubau, bridges of El Cid advertising posters, signs and logos of the companies’ sawmill Angeles “” stud Pferdenau “” Agrarbetrieb Edelweiss “and the newly designed textures of pig and cattle fattening systems of Nico Angeles loading ramp from BW Modding road package of Fatian dunghill of BW Modding road texture of Niggels cattle market of Marhu Materrial Holders pig feed, Kartofellwaschanlage, damper and Forage Master of Farmer_Andy If I forgot someone, so I’m sorry, because that was no malicious intent. With such a large project you will quickly lose the overview times. Everyone who feels forgotten in this list please send me simply a message with the link to his mod and I will his name as soon as possible complete here. – 510.4 MB

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