PGR MafiaSolec v1.0

Map features:
– File i3D 1.6 mb
– PGR’rowskie farm,
– Medium / Large Fields
– Breeding cows
– SolidMod,
– Manure v2
– Mod Sieczka,
– Basic cultivation + tree,
– Purchase of crops, wood and chip,
– Varied terrain,
– Dumping of grain to the threshing floor.
– New Textury,
– Mud,
– More’ll see for yourself!

Help: Miki1998575, Stuntman, Bronczek1

unpack_PGR_MafiaSolec.rar – 212.9 MB

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2 Responses

  1. UK FARMBOY says:

    This map wont allow me to pick up implements or trailers from where you buy them!(the pick up site) please can you fix this

  2. ek23 says:

    good map

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