version 0.8
There again all textures have been reworked
All trees were again re-created by the UV Map adapt so that occur no texture distortions more, also I could thereby save 3 textures.
Trees are now round and no longer Square
Now it is also possible to me all Normal integrate maps without the unsightly errors (eg. Black texture)
Three completely new trees were added
Density increased to 1.7 ->
Advantage -> thus it no longer comes to shake the strains particularly when using large claws
Advantage -> No wander out of the tribes of example. the wheel loader gripper
Disadvantage -> Original equipment such as eg. Wheel loaders lifts it back out easily, so either use a rear weight or 1 – absorb less 2 strains!

Modell: t0xic0m Textur: t0xic0m Script: t0xic0m Idee / Konzept: Shoebeck- der mich fast dazu gezwungen hat neue Baummodelle herrauszubringen ;P Tester: t0xic0m Sonstige: – 6.1 MB

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