Placable fish, bread and water production

Placable fish and bread production facilities. A placable sale point is also included, which means you jan just purchase and deploy these on any map (with no need to edit the map or use the GIANTS editor).

As an added bonus, a placable well for drawing water is included in the pack. The mod was originally designed for the Sosnovka map, but should work fine on all maps.

Uses the Universal Process Kit (included in download). To install, please simply unzip the contents of the file into your mods folder.

Requires trucks or trailers capable of moving bread and fish cargo. There are a few available as mods, I would reccomend using the GAZ-53 modul pack for this purpose.

Big thanks to mor2000 for the the Universal Process Kit. Please do not reupload to other websites without the full description.

Ada85, mor2000

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