Plate Mod V 1.0



Here I placeable floor panels. These floor plates are used to compensate for uneven floors. You are placeable and can be placed later under placeable objects to compensate the ground. Passable, with collisions and re sellable. There are five panels included: 1x 20 m by 20 m, 1 x 30 x 30 m and 40 m 1x 40x and extend about 4 cm from the ground.

The plates are beveled edge and so also accessible on uneven ground.
The plates 4 and 5 are each 40 meters by 40 meters, with one panel protrudes 50 cm from the ground and the other 1 m. As a result, many elevation changes are compensated.

On the plates, nothing can be platzert. So only the platzerbare of Buildings and the platzerbare plate to adjust the height.

by Gnescher – 192 KB

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