Version 2 maps known Polish Small Village which is a large edition of uninteresting maps v4 Zephyr. Thank you for agreeing to Zefirowi edition of this series.

The map has 0 errors in the LOG. At the start we get all the necessary equipment to start the game!

Map features:
– Mod chaff
– Making and feeding cows
– cows
– manure
– Eggs appear at in the house (where the chickens come)
– An interesting area and the surrounding nature
– 2 buying-
– The ability to conduct a greenhouse (which is a water supply and place for these buildings)
– Lime tuck turem
– Gates open at key,, of,,
And much more!

V2 version fixes all bugs and adds new features (turn-down, etc..).

Dawider and Marshmallow

AAaaPolish_Small_Village_v2_WYPAKUJtenMOD.zip – 133.3 MB

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  1. KantvilasYT says:

    Why is there a 2013 map in a 2015 page???

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