– One huge economy
– 1 cowshed (Making-feeding works)
– Purchase of grain
– Potatoes beet Purchase
– Shop machinery Korbanek
– Resp machines on the economy
– Mod manure and manure
– Mod chaff
– Cows chickens
– 1 Village
– Sales of eggs in the village
– Changed the texture of the substrate and crops
– Doors open at “O” is not a zero
– Nicely shaped terrain
– The surface of all the fields 56ha + 6 hectares of meadows
– Movement of cars
– Unnecessary things on the farm replaced by more practical

On the map I lost 40 hours and no errors have not found, the only mistake is not working with sheep, even though the map is a large vase little salute
I did not like, do not download


mapawypakuj.zip – 193.4 MB

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