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The Unna district is located in the center of North Rhine-Westphalia in Arnsberg. Hof and the surrounding area have arisen from free imagination. This farm is modern and housed good modern agricultural machinery with which you can meet the requirements to become a successful farmer and for the district of Unna’s largest supplier.

Update 4.1 BugFix / ChangeLog
1.) On Hofparkplatz placed a greater machine shop with transit
2.) A recycling plant for manure = water is at the Hofausfahrt
3.) The Westbridge Hill Oil Company has found in Unna Oil
4) The watering hole behind the bakery now pumped groundwater
5.) The refinery now requires Oil and Produced Motoroil
6.) A semi can now bread, beer and wood pellets Loading / Unloading
7) The goals of the pigs / cattle fattening exchanged (DeDi problem!)
8) working with textures and buildings (restart recommended!)
Used 9) Grimme ground fruit harvester for cabbage, turnips and potatoes
10) prices of all economic systems Optimized / Corrected
11) Seeds2Fix Mod installed. Please remove from your mod folder
12) fruits and rates Optimized / corrections PDA
13) The bakery needs now also eggs for baking bread
Set 14) silage sale stations BGA / Horticulture
15) manual supplements to changes in the economic system
It is recommended to use the Mod “UniversalProcessKit” with the version 0.9.8 of (mor2000)!
ExtraMod pack plus manual for the county Unna2015 Map

Bemak, Kruskow – 573.4 MB

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