I have Constructed of auto loading log trailer did is dyeable. You can choose Which Side to load / unload your logs on. Have added traction for tires and havealso made ??it so They Do not slide out, but you can shut spill them, but that’s ok Because You just autoLoad the, back up. Will take 12 meter long logs or short 1 meter pieces with ease. Has a hitch on back for dolly and sidelights and side signal lights.

Model: PVLogRunner/FS15 Fliegl TimberRunner Texture: Dyeable Script: Marhu Auto Log Load

PVLogrunnerV1_5.zip – 4.5 MB

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  1. shomy says:

    This is a great mod , finally someone made autoload trailer for logging , but this is not a complaint just a info for creator , there is a problem with it. When you try to hook the dolly , dolly can’t go underneath the trailer , so it can be a bit frustrating … Just to fix that and you can easily be the FS mod genius no1. 😀 Greetings

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