I have constructed an auto loading log trailer that is dyeable. You can choose which side to load/unload your logs on. Have added traction for tires and have also made it so they do not slide out, but you can still spill them, but that’s ok because you just autoload the, back up. Will take 12 meter long logs or short 1 meter pieces with ease. Has a hitch on back for dolly and side lights and side signal lights. I have three version available, this is my Chrome Edition.

Used an FS15 Fliegel, keeping default tires, autoload script by Marhu and constructed by Wolffy

PVStarLoggerCE_V3.zip – 6.7 MB

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  1. Mick Dundee says:

    Crikey! Now I can set me up a roadtrain. Cheers mate!

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