Realtime v1.3.14


After talking with Marhu and he gave me the green light, I publish here his RealTime
What is new? I was annoyed there that I just knew no longer after a certain time, what day the game actually is. Well, you can read the careersavegame.xml in, but I would like this information within the game.
That’s why I extended Marhus brilliant mod around the Gameday. Who needs it, so may be operated.

In addition, Sunday is displayed in red and 9:50 clock until 10:00 clock the church bells ring.

If that tinkling on the nerves going, the need to make only a small change:
Auspacvken archive
Open RealTime.lua
In line 14 “Sound = true;” on “Sound = false;” change
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Original-Mod: Marhu
Erweiterungen: Bauer Hannsen

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Sharemods: – 2.5 MB

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