Rear bucket Pack v1.0

Rear bucket Modpack
I hereby would like to introduce the tail blade Modpack for Landwirtschafts Simulator 2015th I invested some time in the Mod and I hope it was not to otherwise. I tried to make the mod as good as it let my skills as a modder. I hope the mod is to me somewhat succeeded.
Important information:
With 2 rear blades
Lets transporting bales and motor mowers for
Charge can be fixed
In Pack contained machines:
DIY shovel
Rosensteiner Sumo

A big thank you to S. S. the modeler of this mod. I also thank all members of the South Tyrol Modding and to all my fans who stand behind me. You are the best. A big thank you also goes to simfire1099 always at my side, thank you J
With kind regards from South Tyrol, South Tyrolean
Visit me on the South Tyrol Modding page and give a thumbs up: I would be delighted.

Modellierer: Sebastian Schuster, Ingamen: Südtirolerbauer, Texturen: Südtirolerbauer, Tester: Südtirolerbauer, Matthias Gatterer, Sebastian Schuster – 4.1 MB

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