Important information:
With swap as transport module, side spreader, Liquid manure and silage wagon
good performance on slopes
versatile both on land and on the hillside
switchable all-wheel
Wagon loads now from everywhere
Twin tires can be mounted from the outside
When loading wagons from outside Plane mountable (right side is the trigger for the plane, left side of the grid)

Information on the individual machines:
Reform Muli T10X:
Power: 109 hp, swing axle, dual tires externally mountable, attachable Other elements: flashing lights; Working lights with key NUM6, tank volume: 120l, shop price: 110000 €, maintenance costs per day: 24 €

Attention! The model from MULI is not perfect!

Reform transport module:
Load capacity: 25000l, fruit species transported can: wheat, canola, corn, barley, potatoes, sugar beet, silage, wood chips, grass, straw, manure; Price in shop: 8500 €, maintenance costs per day: € 12

Reform loading wagon module:
Load capacity: 8000l, fruit species transported can: grass, hay, wood chips, straw; Price in shop: € 34 500, maintenance costs per day: € 15

Attention! After purchasing the loader wagon, the supports have to be displayed!

Gafner side spreader module: (from simfire1099)
Load capacity: 3000l, swivel chute (280 °), shop price: € 13 560, maintenance costs per day: € 11

Kirchner 5000 / Liquid manure spreader module:
Load capacity: 5000l

Absetzrahmen: Gnescher Modell: Südtirolerbauer/Georg Ornt Texturen: Südtirolerbauer Sound: Südtirolerbauer Konvertierung in i3d: Simfire1099 Modell vom Gafner Roto: Simfire1099 Allrad Script: by modelleicher & Made by Case_IH_MxU135 | FIX and V4 by DragonLord2007/modhoster Beifahrer-Mod: Alex2009 Ein Dankeschön geht an das gesamte Südtirol Modding Team. – 126.9 MB

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