Reisch RD 80 v1.2

I have the last few days all our real Reisch recreated 8tonner for LS15 for reference.

Version 1.2
– Holzbrett und Plane werden jetzt dreckig
– Füllvolumen auf reale Literangabe angepasst (10.000l)
– neu Aufkleber hinzugefügt
– Kippwinkel an realen Wert angepasst (50°)

What have I done?
– Standart Kroeger substructure and Branter structure composed and made ??slight changes to the 3D model
Created its own drawbar for the trailer –
Customized paint and decals –
Added “homemade” Plane –
– When disconnect a wooden board is placed under the tongue, so they do not fall on the floor
Adapted filling volume 8000l –

The car is suitable for smaller businesses who drive no huge tractors over 300 Ps.
The Mod runs without error in single player and multiplayer.
Have fun!


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