The fictional village and countryside.

Standard culture. Animals – cows, sheep, chickens, pigs +. Seeds, lime, manure mod. Manufacturing -Beer and Mill.

Many thanks for mods, scripts and objects, which are used on map, to their respective owners. Also huge thanks to YouTube channels of Andrey Yazykov, Glebastik etc. Thanks to all fans of Farming Simulator and to ordinary gamers, who’s playing this game. Thanks to all people, who provides financial and moral support. Special thanks to YouTube channel of ZooGG’y Play’s and to all fans of our work! RamosRamass and Partisan.

Andrew Kalbos – 474.6 MB

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2 Responses

  1. StreakyToaster9 says:

    loving the new look can’t wait to see what you add next I’ve played on all your remote place maps getting better each time

  2. michele says:

    i love this map and a love the song. can you tell me the author???

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