Hello to all players of the comunity and all other, hello children, dad, the mom, the uncles, grandpa to finally good morning!
I will share today mod since malancontreusement the idea was taken without my consent “of the idea theft” …
If the truck is already a copy of the proposed version for the 2013 version of the game, this version had a resounding success at the time, to have been downloaded 724 times, Good With this version you can use in your farm parts , Forestierre, indutriels or tp, you will not be disappointed knows a good mod if one considers that it is first generation.
This version I re Skinnee for version 15 of the game well before the version that just came out, I had just intended for a member of our forum gifts.
Do not be surprised if some of the images are somewhat identical with already proposed, I have only reproduced if some people are just scrupuluses in all impunity! These good war not !!!

Authors: – 38.5 MB

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