You need to unzip the file and you will have RingwoodsV16update and AnimationMapTrigger plus a short notepad readme. Place both zip files in your mod folder. The included AnimationMapTrigger has the functions for the Gates, Roof and Doors to the new chicken fattening shed at the North Farm.

Giants, Models and scripts by Marhu, Farmer_Andy, Wizznall, JHML and Andy1978. Mod Map by Stevie.

ringwoodsV16mapupdate_UNZIPME.zip – 407.0 MB

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7 Responses

  1. Freestate Farmer says:

    Thank you

  2. Stevie says:

    Your welcome and NO Thank you for pointing a few issues out with the older version. One thing we’ve found so far due to my quest for levelling objects is that the krampe 900 trailers with compost functions will not fit under the shoot at the CMC compost plant. 750’s still do though. Thanks Stevie.

  3. OIF3gunner says:

    This is my favorite map BUT, I havent been able to get this one to load. I actually couldnt get 1.5 either. I am sure the problem is on my end somehow and I am not using an old save. I have also deleted the old ringwoods maps as well. Please keep it up, I appreciate your hard work.

  4. Freestate Farmer says:

    @OIF3gunner. I had the same issue. What I have found is remove all the mods that got to do with texture and growth and mostly mods that start with “zzz”. Then try loading again. When it loaded then play and save the game. Then re-insert each mod 1 at a time then you will see which mod is making the conflict. It is time consuming but at the end the map is worth while. Definitely one of the best maps in my opinion. The mod(s) that makes the conflict you can just put in another folder when playing a different map. For some reason unknown the mod that did not work for me is suddenly not a problem anymore after I played and saved and reloaded. Very strange indeed.

  5. Freestate Farmer says:

    Stevie. Just one request please. Some digital display at the courts and silos; also maybe a storage for compost? So far it is 20 hours of playing with no problems. Just amazed also that you get PAID for dumping grass and straw in the CMC compost for processing. Then after collecting get paid again for compost selling. Its like double bonus pay. 🙂

  6. OIF3gunner says:

    Thank you for the info Freestate Farmer! I will definitely try that.

  7. Stevie says:

    Freestate Farmer the idea with the compost plant was that the farmer contracts for them that’s why you get paid for dumping and delivering. Compost storage is in for the next update already thanks to malcom who sent me the mod out of the blue. The CMP compost tank has large modified capacity though. Yes other map mods do conflict the map for some reason. Run Ringwoods in it’s own mod folder then you can just rename the folder to MODS to run it clean. There are 3 mods if remember that are installed directly in the map to prevent people having to mess with putting other zips into the mod folder. However I couldn’t incorporate the animation map trigger in time. There are no log errors in Ringwoods.

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