What do you offer this map?
-Kompostanlage (Marhu.net)
-Kühe Sheep chickens
-GMK (Marhu.net)
-Transport Available
-increased swaths in grass and cereals

I would like to extend particular thanks to Baden Bauer and Temple Mod Team (Scania) pronounce the haben.Ob helped me with the splines it was in the boat or train without them it would only decoration objects geworden.Danke Thank you Thank you
And another thanks to all modders without your building scripts etc would run everything not at all !!!!!!!

Required Mods
-Fliegl Bull (Baden Bauer)
-GMK Mod (Marhu.net)
-zzzcompostsoil (Marhu.net)

Baden Bauer (Splines und Schiff)
Scania (Splines und Beschriftung zug)
Deere 8400 Mapbau

Riverside_LS15.zip – 232.7 MB

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