ROS Supermarket And Shop V 1.0




The following FruchTypen currently available:
tomato chili cucumber kohlrabi carrot onion potato pig pigs cow calf beef lamb chicken2 chicken jam fruit wine, beer bread sandwich flour sugar salt olive oliveoel milk yoghurt apple pear strawberry plum cherry orange peach wheat beer beer wheat bread barleybread maizebread wheatflour barleyflour maizeflour sil salt oliva Olivka olivaoil oliveoil peach apricot pepper yogurt yogurt yogurtapple yogurtpear cherryyogurt apple pear strawberry cherry plum, grapes, wine conmilk

NEW for Map Builder: Can also be fitted with GE. For quick installation to self-interest: User must UPK (see above) and my mods in the mod folder still have (placement & works better game then runs if necessary in weak PC’s better) .Einfach unpack the zip, then the folder in the folder “map” your map with the import GE object then save place fertig.Wenn the map is available for download, just ask in response, there are not forgotten exact installation instructions and credits. Thanks to mor2000 without the UPK Mod this is not possible.

Rosenthaler – 3.0 MB

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  1. arwel says:

    Can somebody guide me how to get salt or make salt Ive got the salt factory many thanks.

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