Ruebenhaendler V 1.0




Hu Hu, there he is again, bringing you a new mod.
And what a Mod?
Answer: -a
“Placeable Ruebenhaendler”
where you can sell your Rueben

Yes there is nothing else to describe further.

Mod was on Standart_Map Bjorn Holm tested (SP)
Mod has been tested on Standart_Map West Hill Bridge (MP)

Then I just hope that you can use her.

If there are problems with the mod please write about PN, … Thank you

Oh, and even a trifle … 🙂 to the people who like to evaluate bad, does not bite the hand that feeds you … For if you continue going with bad rate without specifying reasons, you will starve sometime .and I write on behalf of all modders who think as I …

So that’s it from me once and cut rings

…. Regards Ingo210578

my mods I create: Giants_Editor; Paintnet (graphics) and Notepad (text) nothing to do with the program: – Blender

Ingo210578 – 10.3 MB

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