Ryden Estates v1.0


Welcome to Ryden Estates.
This map is a fictional map. This map has multi-fruit, beef / pig fattening. There is forestry on this map and you can therefore re seed your forest for logging there is a total of 33 fields in this map alongwith a BGA, Cattle market and garden centre.i dont wanna give to much out about ryden ied rather you explore and enjoy the map ..
mods needed
animation mod
multifruit mod
MapBGASilo mod {All which is in map folder}

Lancyboi,Mappers Paradise Giants Editor BlobbyFarmer Robbie Oxygen Dave Bulletbill83 Dorset Somethingonmyshoe2 Marhu UpsideDown Lord wIlliams LeicesterFarmer Decker_MMIV Nick98.1 Vertex Designs Sandgroper Webalizer Alex2009 Benw11 RainbowDave Gaming { supporting my work } DaggerWin for preview GoogleEarth { Reasearch }

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