Russian map, made on the platform of 2048×2048. In the area there are forest and sawmill, and another train for the sale of logs, chips and bales. Just added storage grass and straw. Growing soybean, sunflower, radish, carrot, onion, garlic.

On the map, you can handle the processing of fields or growing of calves, piglets Marhu, who updated to version 5.0.0. Cattle market on Marhu, WaterMod from Marhu. I also added a feature to build two large projects, such as the concrete factory and a bakery (the whole function construction will only work if you have installed UPK Universal Process Kit from mor2000). Everything works, if they have any problems, look for them at home. Map error-free!

On the map there BGA, Russian-style. There were no dim-dim, for which many thanks to him, on the map all the trains, elevators and excavators, some objects are all his handiwork. The only big minus on the map, it is a problem of vegetable harvester. He at harvest crops in the bunker there, and empty transporters and Particle also absent. Cereals are cleaned standard technique, root vegetables are cleaned beet harvester. Also on the card is installed SoilMod – Soil Management & Growth Control (v2.0.x) from Decker_MMIV By adding the mill, as well as the function of the construction of a concrete plant and bakery VAHA he also VAHHOB022.

In this version 2.1 completed the following improvements:
– Go down to the ground trailing bus near the elevator;
– Fixed two bugs that appear when browsing through PDA cycle maturing crops;
– Error: Setting growth state color with invalid foliage transform group. All transform groups need to share the same density map;
– Error: Setting fruit type color with invalid foliage transform group. All transform groups need to share the same density map;
– Smooth the road field, because in some places they were hollow and were too deep;
– Corrected the price of fuel at the port, now really produce its fuel is much cheaper.

farming_simulator_2015_mod_karta_samara_volga_v_2_1.rar – 469.1 MB

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