1. new Soil and Wheat textures.
2. 35 fields.
3. animated objects. trains, planes, boats, horses, birds.
4. Lots of custum sounds.
5. Two Farms – Willow Farm/Sandy Bay farm. Both Farms share the same crop amounts
6. Multi fruit (oats) oats, rye, sunflower.
7. Forestry with 2 grain sell points.
8. Lots of Hd buildings created by me.
9. pig and beef fattening
10. soil mod ready

Map makers Oxygendavid KimG (Big thank you to Kimg for doing all the multi fruit on this map.) Soil textures melfroy

map.part1.rar – 250.0 MB
map.part2.rar – 197.3 MB

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3 Responses

  1. NateTheGreat says:

    oxygendavid do i need to download both parts??

  2. danny says:

    iam getting no money when i sell my beef and pis [why]?

  3. A brown says:

    how to get gold coin in feild 24 and in the sea please help

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