Savena Valley v1.2 GMM/GMK + Soilmod

Main points of map:
Map is Soilmod and GMM/GMK ready, all fields are defined and already cultivated (3 seeded, owned by player since game start).
Custom sky and enviroment sounds (rain too).
A generous endowment of machines and tools is ready to be used.
Eggcage to collect hen eggs is ready, watermod installed.
Woolpallet collector are installed to sheep shed.
Pallet collector are installed to sawmills and plum/cherry area.
Slurry bunker installed.
Mixstation installed close cows shed.
Quite all trees are fallable.
Seed and fertilizer factory installed close the CompostMaster, compost can be used as fertilizer.
Milk is automatically sold at midnight if you don’t place the sign from mod “stopmilk” (see below), at dairy the milk trigger to sell milk are anyway ready to be used.
Sugarbeet mixer installed close cows shed to let you feed them with silage bales or potatoes or sugarbeets.
Added SeedMaster2K15, forageMaster, beetMaster. (Since V1.1).
Potato Washer and Potato Steamer with pallet collector (Since V1.1).
UHT Milk MilkMAX (Since V1.1).

Place where sell goods (direction in the map in parenthesis):
– standard fruit: DeSpar market (north-west) and give money
– woodchips, any kind of windrow (grass, wheat, barley, klee, etc.): Power plant (south-west) and give money
– rape or sunflower: reffinerie at south-west, give fuel (tanks by Kastor placed on the map, refillable using Kotte tanks)
– logs as fruit, wool/straw/woodchips as fuel: sawmill and woodchips maker at west (woodchip maker work only with “fuel” like from reffinerie)
– animals buy/sell in north-west side of map (need animal transport pack, see below)
– BGA at north side
– Compost master installed south-east side of map, take manure, straw, bales, give compost
– SoilMod tanks close compostmaster, GMM/GMK fertilizer/herbicide tanks installed on map.
– Dock at south side of map: to sell wood board pallets to southern dock using an autoload trailer you need before unlock/unload on trailer spot before the crane start work.
– Potatoes (both washed and steamed) can be sold at DeSpar Market.

The map is tested in SP by me, is my first map… All single mods used in the map *should* be MP compatible (standing mods creators), but I’ve not got time to test it.

CCS101&Tommy23;, Mahru, Farmer_Andy, Ikkonator, Kastor, RC-Devil, upsidedown, Mor2000, Lexion780tt, Chtiseb, Rosenthaler, Thoralf2002, Manuel, Modding-Welt Team, Blacksheep, Pandahma, LKXstudios, San_Andreas, Vertexdezign, Dimre, Matdom, M-S_Buschi, Eisbearg, Tater Salad, Decker_MMIV, Beowulf, t0xic0m, Toody/Rubberduck2, Tropy, Vnsfdg1, Nick98.1 – 1.2 GB

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