Schlueter Super 1050V green v2.0

Good evening, here’s another beta for the LS15. This is the Schlüter Super 1050V in green, and as already known from the last beta without getting dirty and mirrors. The mod is expressly released as Beta whom the lack of dirt just does not bother herunterladen.Mir it’s just too much work to texture as an old model new, especially in general I lack the patience for texturing. Some have assured me that they would like to see one or the other model from the 13er without Dirt in the 15s, so I am now but to be persuaded.

Scripts in using:
Model Eicher (realisticIndoorCam, newExhaustEffects, better steering animation, RadsturzV2, zylinderV2, wheel shaft Animation SchlueterAnimations, hydraulicAnimations, visibilityByAttachedObject)
Sven777b (toggleAnimatedParts)

– Animated fittings
– Animated front axle
– Animated Heckhydraulik
– Animated Zapfwellenstummel
– Realistic exhaust smoke
– RealisticIndoorCamera

Scale 1: 1 mod!
Data of the original Schlüter Super 1050V:
Engine: SDM108W6 with 100PS at 1800UmdrehungenMax torque: 432Nm at 1300Eigengewicht: between 4585 to 5300kg

Data for Mod:
Objects in the i3d: 78
Size of zip: 16.74MB

It is expressly undesirable that this mod is changed without my permission or unchanged newly uploaded. If you want to offer the mod on your DL page please use the original DL link 🙂
Have fun with the mod wishes you model Eicher
Attention! From me will follow for this mod no “final” version of the mod is a beta. Alluding when you have fun or let it off. I will not insert a new texture other new features later. If someone in front has the mod with a new texture for the LS15 Dirt System (pronounced Unique UV Map) equip and release it at the end will simply ask for, the chances for a permit are then good.

Model: schlueterfan1977
Ingame: schlueterfan1977 / Model Eicher
Converted to LS13: Eicher Model
Converted to LS15: Eicher Model – 16.9 MB

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