Schmacht v1.0

The place “Schmacht” located on the island of Ruegen, in the north-east of Germany. However, this map is not based on the real environment, but has been lovingly designed based on a Mecklenburg-Vorpommern card at the time of farming simulator 2011th
Farm 17 partly large fields and meadows 5 with your equipment. Provide your livestock and sell your other income at the harbor, the railway station, in the cereals AG or at the brewery. The south is a small wooded area, which you can also manage. Wood and wood chips can be sold at the port. Consumption in the village assumes eggs. The garden center in southern assumes wool.

It is a multi-Fruit Map. The standard types of fruit and oats and sunflower are currently supported.


Karte.RAR.rar – 282.6 MB

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  1. Gregoris says:

    You made a very good job, a very good map, and very BAD field. Very large with black soil and ugly shape.

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