here I have times a Sennebogen 305 because Sennebogen machines come much too short for me for you. The whole is, in principle, only one of the original Reskin Liebherr Tele loader, which is also the reason why he is not super original. (In real it has adjustable cabin, little other imprints, etc …)
However, I have taken to Umskinnen the Terex model of agromoderni because it was somehow easier for me to work on it. I have him respect even written. Posted, but to date no response from him (about three weeks). but I still think it is ok, because the basic model yes of Giants is … Should he not agree, I will delete the mod again, of course. (What I do not hope that it will be the case)

Here are some data:
Price in shop: 80 000
Upkeep: 50
Power: 122

So, long story short, I hope you still so have your fun and support me because this is my first mod. I invite not only the textures high, but the whole model, as determined many still want to play with the original model.

Original Model: Giants “Zwischenskin” on Terex: agromoderni Sennebogenskin: Modding Team DoJo – 26.5 MB

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