Sha Gliederzug v1.0 Beta


Moin then I’d like to introduce you to the Sha Pack of us available.
In the rar file Once the ScaniaR1000 and tandem tippers Contained
The truck / tipper can be loaded with the following fruit types chaff grass Sugarbeet woodchips potato

This mod may nowhere be available for download without our permission
This mod may be nowhere put to the download without our permission
Ce mod ne peut être mis nulle part au téléchargement sans notre permission


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  1. charlie says:

    love this truck but could to with a couple tweaks
    1. steering wheel (has no animation)
    2. No mirrors (im on max setting for graphics)
    3. Rear wheel locks up when you come of the gas (back steer wheels)
    4. chaff filling shield ( would be nice to be able to change the side it is on to mach the side your working from
    thats all for now but other then them little floors i will be using it

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