Silotoolspack V 1.0




I want you today a V0.95 my Silopacks available places, that I will no longer come in the near future to carry it forward.
These are the following eigenbau components:

A weight of 3.8 tons, increasing the compression ratio to 1.5
A 2to heavy weight with 1.5m³ water tank increases the compression ratio by 1
A funktionirendes corn sliding plate with 4,5m³ volume
3 silo rollers for compacting
Roller 1 has 2.9 tonnes and increases the compression ratio by 2
Roller 2 has 3.3 tonnes and increases the compression ratio of 2.5
Roller 3 has 3.7 tons and increases the compression ratio by 3

The mod is running properly in SP and MP in
Currently, they are not washable and also the color selection does not work, I’ll catch up in a few weeks, just did not make you wait so long.
I wish you much fun and Commented what you like and of course what you do not like.

(Toogleanimationparts) Sven777 – 8.2 MB

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