SimuBrowser v4.1 BETA


The SimuBrowser 4.1 is now that …

You should actually have more features.
For example, direct from the application in the mod folder Download …
but because it lacks the money I am happy happy to donate …

Add to Version 4.1
-Teamspeak Support By xX-Nicklp-Xx
The Background music
-New Desing
-No Security gaps! more
-New Mod Sites “Popular”

As I came up with the idea?
I could not programming .. I had to have to find a plan .. not hour after good mods. So I got a few months programming practiced and my 1 project was the SimuBrowser …

I’m looking forward to advice / suggestions / ideas
And Evt a Desinger: D

For questions, the support Uses function in the application 🙂
Have fun

Direct Download If Enabled at 1000 Downloads!
Facebook site:


Direct links:
Download links:

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