Small Town America Map

Wayne Sumner – 468.8 MB

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  1. Trucky says:

    Map will not load. It’s in mod list n when you want to load it goes on n on saying “Game is being loaded please wait..)?? Anyone please help?????

  2. eddie says:

    The entire mod contains of 7 files…..leave the map…the three zzz-files….delete the rest…and you’ll be fine

  3. Trucky says:

    Cheers mate, much appreciated. Might now be able to work out some other maps that I had probs with. Thanks agin.

  4. Steve says:

    Tried your suggestion and I can load the map but when I hit a key to walk I can’t do anything else but walk or if I get into a vehicle and hit the w key all I can do is go forward, can’t exit or stop. Any idea what mod could be causing the issue?

  5. Martin says:

    Hi, how do you put straw in for the cows

  6. Peyton says:

    Im trying to load this mod. It loads, I delete everything but the map and the three ZZZ files. When I start a game, I cant choose this as the map I want to play a game on. If someone could help, it would be much appreciated.

  7. Trenton says:

    hey i cant harvest any of the fields… help?

  8. dog says:

    why are the cows platic statues i thought theyd be real

  9. tyler says:

    it keeps saying no file when I try to download

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