Somewhere in Thuringia Map v 1.4 Wirtschaft Update

>>> Changelog v1.4 08/21/2015
Abbreviation will look great through because forest to field 20 / freight station (although forest is not purchased)
-Gewäckshaus For the production of salad pallets
-Obstfarm (Based on the factory script of Marhu) By Kastor
-SchweineMast 5.0.0
-ViehMarkt 2.0.0
Field 15,18 and 24 slightly Vergößert
-Kühe Not freeze at the trough
– !!!!!! UPK is no longer necessary !!!!!!
-Öl_Company By Kastor now also sells motor oil and diesel for production in order not to only buy the Rafi (but is more expensive than themselves produce)
-Raffinarie By Kastor Based on the Script Factory
-Kies / Sand pit with concrete / Cement Factory By Kastor (based on the factory script)
-The BGA in construction can now be completed / Bought
-Ampeln Installed in Hetschburg.
-Verschönerung The Starßen in Hetschburg
-Verkaufstellen Of sand, gravel, cement and concrete at various sites at different prices
-pair Embellishments on the Map
-PDA Customize
-Noch Few little things on the terrain
-New Fruit (sunflower, rye and oats)
-New Adapted signposts and Big signpost
-Futterhalle Revision
-ProduktionWerk (Based on the factory script) by Kastor
-Minor Fixed
-heyl mill for the production of flour (basic factory Script)
-Befüllbare Hoftankstelle (Gas Station Trigger Extended)
Dealers new building

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