Sosnovka gold addon V4

Sosnovka addon on will give the default sosnovka map the following
wool pallet collector
Fermenting silo (which is using the FabrikScript to get the proper output to work)
new animal are the pigs and rinder and the market to buy these from.
the farm has now got a new big wall all the way around it with black iron gates (the gates are all auto opening just wait for them to move and they will only operate from a vehicle.
sell place for animals also bale triggers on farm to convert to straw and manure grass silage.
storeage for straw grass silage chaff forage manure liquid manure.
convyer for woodchip.
stop milk sale is active so you can sell milk yourself at the school.
we now got street lights and spot light so we can now play at night.
drive though hall for you to fill up with seeds or fertilizer
hope you like this and don`t mind the gates.


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3 Responses

  1. puclok12 says:

    mapa jest jeszcze nie dopracowana 🙁

  2. andy says:

    will this be fixed if so let me know as i like the look

  3. Maximilian says:

    fix time gate please long trailers

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